Softer Pillows

I have learned many things over the last several years. To collectively list them or write them all down is a task I won’t even attempt. A few of those things have shown up on a recurring basis, settling into a deep place in my…

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Creativity in Worship

As I plan various worship experiences throughout the week, I often face the issue of how to include creativity in a worship service. As I searched for insight on how other churches incorporate creative elements into their services, I found an interview with CJ Mahaney, in…

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Show Them Jesus

Several years ago, three of us in the ministry set out to write a simple devotional book for students. The goal was to defy some of the reasons people give for not reading devotional books. We decided to stick to Scripture, of course. We decided…

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How Do I Know?

A few weeks ago, a student at camp posed one of the most difficult and mature questions with which many of us have pondered and likely struggled: How do I know God’s will? It’s a difficult question to answer for everyone, not just teenagers or…

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Now You See . . . Jesus?

I was really excited about a recent movie called Now You See Me. It's a suspense/mystery movie about four Las Vegas magicians and the mystery behind a magic trick in which they stole millions of dollars and gave it away to people in the audience. After…

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A positive attitude under [water] pressure

It is camp season. The summer months bring many adventures to those of us who travel doing ministry at retreats, camps, conferences, hotels, and churches across the country. We find ourselves in a variety of situations that rapidly change from one week to the next,…

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