Now You See . . . Jesus?

Now You See . . . Jesus?

now_you_see_me_ver3_xlgI was really excited about a recent movie called Now You See Me. It’s a suspense/mystery movie about four Las Vegas magicians and the mystery behind a magic trick in which they stole millions of dollars and gave it away to people in the audience. After seeing the movie, I had the privilege of spending a week on a mission trip serving the needy. We were challenged throughout the week by the speaker to live as a missionary not only for that one week, but to be a life-long mission tripper instead. Over the course of his messages, I was really convicted about the ways in which I help the poor.

Maserati_GranTurismo_front_20071104 I would like to think that if I won the lottery, I would be one of the good Christian millionaires. I would give tons of money away to help orphans, widows, and those less fortunate. But as I sat and thought about how great it would be to help so many people, I couldn’t help but think about the kind of house I would upgrade to and what kind of car I would drive instead of my old, beat-up Dodge. How quickly my sinful mind turned from the needs of others to my own wants.

Maybe you’re like me. You start off with amazing plans to radically impact the kingdom for God’s glory, but then you suddenly crash back down to earth because of your own selfishness. Now, there is nothing wrong with wishing I have a better house for my children to grow up in or a better car that won’t break down on family trips, but there is definitely something wrong when I put the most basic needs of others behind the luxurious wants of myself.

What do you need to let go so you can really do things for the least of these without a hidden agenda of gaining something for yourself?

This is not a post to give you three simple steps to living a selfless life, but it is one that I hope opens your eyes to where you may be holding onto some selfishness, just like I was. Jesus says in Matthew 25 that whatever you do for the least of these, you do for Him. What do you need to let go so you can really do things for the least of these without a hidden agenda of gaining something for yourself?

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 USCurrency_Federal_ReserveSPOILER ALERT!

In case you’re still wondering how the movie ties in with this devotional thought, here it is: The magicians didn’t steal the money so they could spend it on themselves. They had a greater goal of becoming part of a group called “The Eye,” which for them was something beyond normal human existence. It was an idea far bigger than themselves.

And when we serve the poor without a hidden agenda, aren’t we really striving toward the glorious presence God has in store for us down the road?


Travis Jenkins

Travis lives with his wife, Mary, and three children—Leanna, Mallory, and August—just outside of Charlotte, NC. Travis works as the Student Ministry Director at Lake Forest Church in Huntersville. Travis grew up in Texas and was an original member of Craig's band, "The Jonathan Project." In addition to spending time with his family and with students, Travis loves to play music, watch movies, and read up on the latest tech innovations. . . . He's a nerd.
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