A Story Far Too Small

A Story Far Too Small

I’m an introvert.

That being said, my job requires me to get up on stage and lead worship or give a concert—weird, I know. Somehow though, when I get on stage I am able to flip a switch and become an extrovert for those next 30 or 40 minutes. On the contrary, if I am on a flight traveling to some distant city, I’m the guy who puts his hoodie up and his headphones in, and hopes no one wants to talk.


There are a few reasons why I do this. Most of the time, I end up beside the person who wants to know my whole life story, or better yet, tell me his. I mean, I enjoy a good story as much as anyone else, but when his breath smells bad and we are in a confined area, it doesn’t bode too well with me.

But getting stuck at the airport is even worse. Everyone hates when it happens! I have somewhere to be! I have stuff to do! I have people to see!

The problem with these scenarios is that they are all centered on the word “I.”  I can worry about how much money I make, what kind of house I have, what kind of car I drive, etc., etc., etc.

Brooklyn_Museum_-_Portrait_of_an_Unknown_Man_-_Jacques_Amans_-_overallEverything around me tells me to focus on I. In a world where I am told to focus on what we want and what makes me happy, I keep hitting dead ends. And at the end of those roads are massive letdowns. I can run around and make as much money as I possibly can to buy as much stuff as I possibly can, but doing so leads me back to the same place every time, feeling rather bored and empty.


The problem is this: I was created for something a lot better than stuff and a lot bigger than me. In a couple of generations, no one is going to remember my name, and I will be long gone. I have a choice every moment of my day to decide what I am living for. Truth is, everyone lives for the glory of something or someone. And so I must ask myself, For what or for Whom do I live?

If I want to leave a legacy of something that will be remembered, the story of ME is way too small.

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Dana Jorgensen

Dana was born and raised in Ottawa, ON, Canada. Just like most Canadian kids, he wanted to be a hockey player. Eight concussions later, God made it clear that wasn't what He wanted Dana to be. In 2002, Dana found a second passion in music and started leading worship at his local church. He moved to Nashville, TN in 2005 to pursue his calling of music and songwriting. Dana has released four albums and has had the opportunity to lead worship and perform concerts throughout North America. Dana currently resides in Nashville, TN with his wife, Julie, and their one-year-old son, Kai.
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