Vacations “R” Us: Ministry and Burn-Out

“Granddad, I am tried!”  I said, as I sat down in the twin La-Z-Boy next to “his chair.” His answer was clear, sarcastic, and sculling: “Son, you don’t know what tried means!” Twenty years later, I still don’t know the depth of tired that an…

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Dirty Words in Relational Youth Ministry

It is no surprise that the key to incredible youth ministry is relationships. Without relationships, everything we do in student ministry would be a rigid boot camp of behavior modification and countless lists of self-help mantras. In order to set ourselves up for success, however,…

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Relational Worship Leading

Many people ask me what the most important things are to remember when leading worship for students.  Some think it is important to choose fast, upbeat, and exciting songs. While I think song selection is important, there are a number of other things I would…

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