More Than Dodgeball

youth ministry is more than dodgeball“Welcome to Wednesday Night Live!” the man with the mustache shouted and nailed me with a dodgeball.

For the next thirty minutes we scurried back and forth against a cinder block wall…dodging.

After Ted’s concussion, we took a break to sing a couple songs in a circle around the mustache guy. Then he opened the bible, read a couple sentences, told a funny story and then I went home.

And I never came back to youth group. I wanted more than dodgeball.

I wanted friends.

I wanted cute girls.

I wanted pizza.

I wanted church without bruising.

I wanted Jesus.

I didn’t even know it, but I wanted Jesus.

The Edge Youth And Leader Conference

I admire Craig Tacket and the rest of the gang at Inlightened Ministries. For years now Craig and his team have traveled this dodgeball world giving young people and their leaders Jesus.

Jesus is the friend closer than a brother. He offers relationship longer lasting and intimacy deeper than any person – cute girls included – can provide. He satisfies. He comforts the bruised. He’s what we want. He’s all we need.

Every musician and speaker for The Edge conference will give youth and their leaders Jesus.

Youth Ministry worship experience

I’ll be your on-line guide in the weeks leading up to The Edge conference January 19-21 in Pigeon Forge, TN. My job is to introduce you to the people who will be giving us Jesus at The Edge. And to help you prepare your heart and mind to meet Him.

Come back often for interviews with musicians and speakers, giveaways, devotions, videos and more.

And I promise: No dodgeball.

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