Introducing Tom Toombs: Creative Christian Youth Communicator

What drives a grown man to act like a five year-old, play with fire and pull down the pants of complete strangers? 30 years in youth ministry, that’s what.

Meet Tom Tombs…

christian youth communicator Tom Toombs juggling fire

Tom began ministering to students when he was still one of them – way back in 1982. And though youth culture has sure changed a lot since then – from cassette tapes to mp3s – audiences are still sucked in by Tom’s humor, entertained by his daring stunts and illusions, and transformed by his stories.

My favorite? Tom’s retelling of Luke 17 – the tale of ten lepers healed…and one who said thanks. Check it out below!

Pray God will use Tom Toombs to inspire and equip students and leaders alike at the Edge in January as He has at countless other events for three decades now.

“Tom Toombs is a mesmerizing presence with youth. His skillful use of humor, pathos, and drama nails truth to heart in a way that is not
easily forgotten. When given multiple presentations, it is fascinating to watch the anticipation build each session. He will be the program
participant everyone talks about.”

-Chuck Kelly president New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

Get to know Tom better by following him on Twitter and liking him on Facebook.

And hey! October isn’t over yet! So there’s still time to invite other groups to the Edge and win an iPad. Details here.

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