We create intimate, Gospel-centered worship & teaching experiences that point your students toward a loving relationship with Jesus, while also providing practical training sessions to help your youth leaders effectively minister to today’s generation.

The EDGE Conference 2016

January 16-18 • Gatlinburg, TN
The River Terrace Resort

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  • Dana Jorgensen

    Dana Jorgensen is a gifted worship leader and songwriter. Like most kids born and raised in Canada, he wanted to be a hockey player. Eight concussions later, God made it clear that wasn’t what He wanted Dana to be. Read more

  • Harris III

    A master illusionist who uses his illusions to tell the truth about deception, Harris III is a modern-day Houdini. His magic-with-a-message has captured the spotlight in over 15 countries on 5 continents. Read more

  • Craig Tackett

    Craig is a dynamic speaker who travels across the United States preaching at conferences, camps, retreats, rallies, revivals, and any other place where God (and logistics) allows him to serve. Read more

What is Included?

  • 4 Worship Celebrations
  • 2 Student Bible Study Sessions
  • 2 Adult Leader Training Sessions
  • 2 Nights Lodging & Breakfast

Only $125 per person

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The EDGE Conference 2016
January 16-18 • Gatlinburg, TN

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The EDGE conference is held at The River Terrace Resort and Convention Center in the beautiful resort town of Gatlinburg, TN. Experience large group worship sessions, small group Bible studies, late-night activities, and still have free time to explore all that Gatlinburg has to offer.

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